Everyone Knows Where The Good Things Used To Be


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released August 1, 2015




CHASE AMBLER Littleton, Colorado


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Track Name: On & On
so funny how it goes
like the more that you know
the more you’ll find yourself on the outskirts of
your friends, co workers, and lovers
and they go on and on
telling you what to think
but you push on and on
knowing what is good in this
friends, co workers and lovers
and it gets so hard i know
everyone seems to be bringing you down
but if you keep it up
you will see
no one really cares
and I can’t see a light at the end
and I know it’s more than that
Track Name: Laugh It Off
so what I am calling out your bluff
you don’t scare me acting like you're tough
and i’ve got plans, you’re not even in my head
but i can see
that you're planning something to settle a score
i wasn’t even tracking
you’ve got it figured out
so take a swing laugh it off
i’m not here to prove anything
stand up tall everyone’s watching
i can see it all now that you’ve got it all figured out
you’ve got it all figured out
Track Name: Mold
I get it it’s really okay i’m gonna be sad
but it’s not the end of me
and you’re tired and a little bored
well it happens all the time, I know who I am
A slow moving mold
crawling up the bathroom floor
and you don’t notice much at first but
then you’re to sick to move
and I can’t calm down no not tonight
I should keep quiet but these words sound so trite
and i’m arguing everything with myself
while you’re sitting on the stairs
looking out the window
am i okay?
Track Name: No Matter What
maybe when i’m dead you’ll remember my face but not my name
what was he like was he nice
now i’m slipping down the porch steps
my head is pounding i the cold at 7 am
you called to tell me all about your day
I fell asleep hearing about your brand new life
and my hair is falling out
my room is fucking cold
is it wrong to want you here
is it wrong for you to keep me warm
is it wrong to have these dreams
where you stayed and didn’t leave
no matter what the summer is ending
i’ll feel the cold
no matter what you’ll end up leaving
and I’ll be alone
Track Name: Things Change
do you remember that night?
I know you know the feeling
It’s like a short gust of spring air
brushing by your hair and neck
do you remember me there?
things are getting harder
as the winter settles
waking up alone
staring out the window
and I can’t breathe
I’m not alright
But I’ll push on through the next few months
those winter nights that last so long
the snow and slush that slows every step
and i still remember that spring air
i saw you looking at me from across the room
you saw me looking at you from across the room
and I didn’t know your name
did you know mine?